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Chilkat API Wrapper Template

Our Chilkat API Wrapper template for the range of Chiilkat ActiveX controls enables Clarion developers to quickly add API capability to their applications in a matter of minutes. Our product boasts full support for all recent versions of Clarion, ABC and Legacy compatability, and an easy to use Template and Class interface.


To demonstrate the combination of the ActiveX control and our Wrapper Template in action we've made the demo application that is included with the template available for you to download and review at your convenience.
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New purchases include an Annual Maintenance Plan.
The Chilkat ActiveX controls are not included.

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Noyantis Chilkat Wrapper Template for the range of Chilkat ActiveX controls.

The template is extremely easy to add to your application. It supports from C6 through to C10 and is both ABC and Legacy compatible. Of course, as you would expect it can be added to multi-dll applications as well as single applications. It consists of a global template and an extension templates as well as 90+ very feature rich class.

Demo applications that show some of the more "exciting" features are included in the installer to help you maximise the most out of your investment as fast as possible.

The template is continually being updated due to the progressive development of the actual ActiveX control. This does mean from time to time that a particular feature within the control might not be covered directly by the template. We will of course add new updates to cover these features in future builds but, to make sure you're not left waiting around, we include a set of extra methods within the class to allow you to communicate directly with the control.

We offer email support, we actively monitor and interact with the Clarion newsgroups and even hold weekly User Group webinar thanks to the generosity of the guys over at ClarionLive.

The range of Chilkat activeX controls enable you to easily add API capability to your application. The Chilkat bundle includes 90+ classes including:-

  • Asn: For creating, loading, parsing, converting, and saving ASN.1

  • Atom: Represents an Atom document. The Atom API allows one to download, create and modify Atom documents.

  • AuthAws: Implements AWS Signature V4 for signing and authenticating AWS REST requests.

  • AuthAzureAD: Provides functionality for obtaining an Azure AD access token via OAuth2 for Service to Service Calls Using Client Credentials.

  • AuthAzureSAS: Provides general functionality for Azure Shared Access Signature (SAS) Authorization.

  • AuthAzureStorage: Provides functionality for authenticating calls to Azure Storage Services.

  • AuthGoogle: Provides functionality for authenticating calls to the Google Cloud Platform API and Google Apps API using a service account.

  • AuthUtil: The AuthUtil class is intended to contain methods to help with authentication for various services, as the need arises.

  • BinData: Container for binary data. Provides methods for getting, setting, appending, etc. in binary and string encoded formats.

  • Bounce: Recognize a variety of bounced email messages and extract the email address from a bounced email message.

  • Bz2: Provides the ability to create and unzip .bz2 compressed files using the BZip2 compression algorithm.

  • Cache: Storage Cache

  • Cert: Digital certificate component / class.

  • CertChain: Contains certificates in a chain of authentication to a trusted root.

  • CertStore: Represents a collection of certificates. The certificates may be loaded from a PFX (PKCS#12) or from a Windows-based certificate store.

  • Charset: A component/class for converting character data from one encoding to another.

  • CKDateTime: A class for holding a date/time value, and for converting it to from many different formats.

  • CKString: The Chilkat string class.

  • Compression: Data compression component implementing the PPMD, Bzip2, Deflate, and LZW compression algorithms.

  • CreateCS: Factory class for creating certificate store objects.

  • Crypt2: Chilkat encryption component.

  • Csp: Represents a cryptographic service provider for selecting encryption, hashing, and digital signing algorithms.

  • Csr: A class for generating Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) or for reading an existing CSR.

  • Csv: CSV manipulation class.

  • Dh: Diffie-Hellman key-exchange component.

  • DirTree: API for iterating over the files and sub-directories in a directory tree.

  • Dkim: DomainKeys API for creating and verifying DKIM-Signature and DomainKey-Signature MIME (email) header fields.

  • Dsa: The Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) is a United States Federal Government standard or FIPS for digital signatures.

  • DtObj: Date / Time support class.

  • Ecc: Elliptical Curve Cryptography class for generating ECC keys, computing shared secrets, and creating and verifying ECC signatures.

  • Email: Represents a complete Email object.

  • EmailBundle: Represents a collection of Email objects.

  • FileAccess: API for reading and writing files, creating and deleting directories, deleting directory trees, splitting and re-joining large files, etc.

  • Ftp2: Commercial File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Component.

  • Global: Provides a means for updating global settings that affect all types of Chilkat objects across all instances.

  • Gzip: GZip compression component.

  • Hashtable: Represents a collection of key/value pairs that are stored in a hash table.

  • HtmlToText: HTML to plain-text conversion component.

  • HtmlToXml: Class for converting HTML to well-formed XML for the purpose of programmatically extracting (scraping) information from any HTML page.

  • Http: Class for sending HTTP requests and receiving server responses.

  • HttpRequest: Represents a complete HTTP request.

  • HttpResponse: Represents a complete HTTP response.

  • IMap: IMAP email component.

  • JavaKeyStore: API to read, write, access, and update Java key stores (JKS format).

  • JSonArray: Represents a JSON array, which contains an ordered list of JSON values, where each value can be a string, number, JSON object, JSON array, true, false, or null.

  • JSonObject: Represents a JSON object, which contains an unordered set of name/value pairs. Each value can be a string, number, JSON object, JSON array, true, false, or null.

  • Jwe: An API for JSON Web Encryption (JWE). Provides the ability to create (encrypt) and decrypt JWE's.

  • Jws: An API for JSON Web Signature (JWS). Provides the ability to create and verify JWSs.

  • Jwt: A class for signing and verifying JWT's (Java Web Tokens).

  • KeyContainer: Represents a key container on a Windows operating system.

  • Log: Handy logging class exposing much of the functionality used internally by Chilkat for LastErrorText, LastErrorXml, and LastErrorHtml.

  • MailMan: The Chilkat MailMan class is reponsible for sending email though SMTP and receiving/managing email on POP3 servers.

  • Mailboxes: Represents a collection of IMAP mailboxes.

  • MessageSet: Represents a collection of email message sequence numbers or UIDs on an IMAP server.

  • Mht: Chilkat MHT can generate email objects from HTML files and URLs, and convert HTML to MHT or EML files.

  • Mime: Chilkat MIME allows you to easily create and manipulate MIME and S/MIME messages from within your applications.

  • Ntlm: API for implemeting both client and server sides of the NTLM protocol/algorithm.

  • OAuth1: OAuth 1.0a signature generator.

  • OAuth2: Implements OAuth2 authorization for desktop (installed) applications, scripts, etc.

  • Pem: For creating, loading, parsing, converting, and saving in the PEM format.

  • Pfx: Provides the ability to manage, parse, and read PFX (PKCS12) files.

  • PrivateKey: Contains an RSA, DSA, or ECC private key.

  • Prng: Provides secure pseudo-random number generation (PRNG).

  • PublicKey: Contains an RSA, DSA, or ECC public key.

  • Rest: API for implementing RESTful Web API's.

  • Rsa: RSA encryption component / library.

  • Rss: Represents an RSS document or sub-part of a document such as a channel, image, or item.

  • SFtp: SFTP implementation for file transfer and remote file management over SSH.

  • SFtpDir: Represents a remote SFTP directory listing.

  • SFtpFile: Represents a remote SFTP file.

  • Scp: An API for SCP over SSH. (SCP is the Secure Copy Protocol).

  • ServerSentEvent: Represents a server-sent event (SSE) received from an HTTP text/event-stream.

  • Socket: TCP socket component with SSL capability.

  • Spider: Chilkat Spider web crawler component.

  • Ssh: A client-side SSH2 implementation for executing commands and shell sessions on Unix/Windows SSH servers.

  • SshKey: Provides the ability to read and write Putty and OpenSSH format public and private keys.

  • SshTunnel: The SSH tunnel class provides for the ability to run a self-contained SSH tunnel in a background thread.

  • Stream: Provides a generic class for streaming from a source to a sink.

  • StringArray: Class/object for managing and manipulating collections of strings.

  • StringTable: A memory efficient class for holding a large number of strings.

  • Tar: API for creating and extracting TAR archives.

  • Task: Represents a single task to be run in a background thread.

  • TaskChain: Represents a chain of asynchronous tasks to be run in sequence in a background thread.

  • TrustedRoots: Used to set and manage the CA root certificates trusted by your application.

  • UnixCompress: UNIX (.Z) compression component.

  • Upload: Chilkat Upload is a component that can be used to upload files over HTTP and HTTPS to a web server.

  • Url: Provides an object representation of a URL and easy access to the parts of the URL.

  • Xml: A free non-validating XML parser component with encryption and compression features.

  • XmlCertVault: Contains a collection of certificates and PFX files saved in an XML format.

  • XmlDSig: An API for validating XML Digital Signatures.

  • XmlDSigGen: An API for generating/creating XML Digital Signatures.

  • Xmp: Chilkat XMP is a software component (SDK, toolkit, library, etc) for accessing, manipulating, and adding XMP metadata to JPEG and TIFF files.

  • Zip: Zip compression component.

  • ZipCrc: Calculate a Zip CRC checksum for a file or in-memory data.

  • ZipEntry: Represents a single file or directory entry within a Chilkat Zip object.

Please note, the Chilkat ActiveX controls are not included in this product - the template is a wrapper only for the controls.

While we're always here to help, some questions can be quickly answered by simply pointing you in the right direction. Below are a few of the more common questions that are asked.

The only extra file you need to ship with your application is the actual Chilkat ActiveX file itself. The OCX file is located within the root directory of your Chilkat installation.

Like any ActiveX control, the Codejock ActiveX control needs to be registered within windows. This can be accomplished in a number of different ways, these include:-

  • Have your installation scripts perform this task (eg, SetupBuilder by Lindersoft)
  • Use RegFree COM technology (for Clarion 9.1 onward users)
  • Have your application perform the registration
    (your application will need to be run with sufficient access rights within windows)

When you purchased the control(s), you would have been given an individual "Unlock" code, this code needs to be compiled into your application. To accomplish this follow these steps:-

  • Go to the Global Extension template.
  • Go to the Global Extension ActiveX Licence tab.
  • Select the "Compile Licence Into Application" option.
  • Copy your unlock code into the "Unlock Code" entry EXACTLY.

Now, your Chilkat licence details will be compiled into your application.

The Global Extension template only needs to be added to the apps that contain procedures that utilize the control.