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Clarion is a software development tool produced by SoftVelocity. It allows software developers to create business applications up to 10 times faster than normal development cycles, helping them create higher-quality, more consistent database applications in less time.

Our suite of templates are designed to work with the Clarion development tool adding specific feature rich enhancements.


Create powerful enterprise class applications that incorporate a set of customizable user interface components that include Microsoft ® Office style calendars, toolbars and menus.
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Everyday functions such as viewing PDFs, Word Processing and Spreadsheets have never been easier to incorporate - with support for various popular products included.
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Add HTML viewing / editing capabilities to your apps in minutes.  Built in functions include Table editing, CSS support, Spell Checking and FTP capabilities.
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A series of generic addons that include facilities such as Calculators, Media Viewing and Playback, File and User Security plus Visual Enhancements.

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What's next...

Time never stands still and neither do we.

See what we've got planned on our development schedule.
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New Demo Application Available * Here *

As shown on the Clarion Live series of Webinars, we took a simple, plain Clarion application and enhanced it with our Products. See the difference our products can make, with both "Before" & "After" examples included.

* Noyantis products are required to fully open and maintain the source application.