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G-Series Templates

Our G-Series collection of templates include both ActiveX wrappers and pure Clarion source code tha allow you to add feature rich facilities to your applications. With functions such as Calculators, Media Viewers, File Utilities, User Security, Data Exporting and Visual Enhancements.

Any of the controls can be added to a Clarion application within a matter of minutes.


Something as simple as a popup calculator is what gives an application that extra bit of zip! Ease of use and a variety of visual styles including both simple and scientific add up to be the very best!
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Put your searches into overdrive! A simple, portable utility with optional Clarion template to search any drive and folder! FAST alternative to Windows File Search dialog. Search files, folders, text, or file contents.
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Adding data export facilties to your application just got a whole lot easier. Now every browse and list can include export facilities in one simple move - with various export layout formats included.
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Media content, either Audio, Video or Imagery within applications can greatly enhance their appeal to the end user, and now its never been easier to a add a simple to use viewer to your app!
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First impressions are everything! Make your applications shine with G-Visuals! Complete template and class solution to globally enhance all aspects of your software solution.
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With simplicity and flexibility, G-Security allows you to apply just the right amount of user access privileges / password protection for your users. Designed for use by both the power user and the novice user.
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