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Clarion is a software development tool produced by SoftVelocity. It allows software developers to create business applications up to 10 times faster than normal development cycles, helping them create higher-quality, more consistent database applications in less time.

Our suite of templates are designed to work with the Clarion development tool adding specific feature rich enhancements.

Software Solutions

Utilizing the latest technologies, our software offers a modern,
intuitive interface.

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Clarion Templates

Professional, class based
Wrapper templates for
software developers.

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Web Development

Easy to use, functional
websites tailored
to your specification.

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"I can't say enough good things about the Noyantis templates and the support we have received from Andy. He has a thorough knowledge of the Codejock OCX controls, and has done a fantastic job with the template wrappers. Highly recommended!"  More
John Hickey - Clarion Live
"The noyantis templates makes it extremely easy to add a normally cryptic interface with an activex. These templates incorporate the Codejock products into Clarion elevating your screen design to a whole new level and appearance".  More
Roberto Renz

Download a demo...

We're proud of all our software solutions and to prove it, we've created demo applications that you can download and review at your own Convenience.

CalendarPro Wrapper Template

The CalendarPro provides developers with a sophisticated Outlook 2003 style calendar. Developers can easily create a calendar that can manage appointments which can be arranged by day, week, work week or month. Multiple schedules can be conveniently viewed side-by-side for easy comparison. Reminding users of an upcoming or past-due appointment is done automatically with the calendar's reminder manager. Calendar customization is very simple, each and every color and text string can be customized in the calendar as well as adding custom icons to appointments.


CommandBars Wrapper Template

The CommandBars provides developers with comprehensive, fully customizable menus and toolbars giving your application a professional and modern interface with sophisticated Office style command bars and One Note style MDI tab windows. The framework fully supports menu and toolbar customization to give you more control over your applications workspace. Xtreme CommandBars comes with built in theme support that will allow you to choose from predefined themes such as Office XP, Office 2003, Visual Studio .NET, Whidbey, or create your own custom theme.


SuiteControls Wrapper Template

The SuiteControls Windows GUI software engineers with numerous ready-to-use components that have been thoroughly designed and tested. This comprehensive set of object-oriented components has been designed to handle most any GUI application development requirement.


DockingPane Wrapper Template

The DockingPane provides comprehensive, fully customizable docking panes giving your application a professional and modern interface. Developers can easily create tear off tabs and auto hide windows that allow for a more manageable application workspace. The docking panes come with built in theme support that will allow you to choose from predefined themes such as Visio, Office 2003, Visual Studio .NET, Whidbey, and Visual Studio 2005, or create your own custom theme.


PropertyGrid Wrapper Template

The PropertyGrid provides developers with a comprehensive, fully customizable property grid giving your application a professional and modern interface. Xtreme PropertyGrid equips you with a sophisticated Visual Studio.NET? style property grid. Developers can easily create a hierarchical list of editable properties and represent any data type or sub-item. The property grid comes with a built in toolbar for easy sorting and grouping, a help panel to display information on each selected item, and a Visual Studio .NET style verb panel. Several popular themes such as Office 2003, Visio, and Whidbey are included or you can create a custom theme.


ReportControl Wrapper Template

The ReportControl provides developers with a sophisticated Outlook 2003 style Report. Developers can easily create, group, and sort data in a flat or hierarchical format. All colors in the reports can be customized to match any existing application.


ShortcutBar Wrapper Template

The ShortcutBar provides developers with a sophisticated Office 2003 Shortcut Bar navigation panel similar to the navigation panel seen in Microsoft? Outlook 2003.

The Xtreme ShortcutBar is an excellent way to consolidate your application. Shortcuts in the navigation panel provide users a quick and easy way to access different places in your application.


SkinFramework Wrapper Template

The SkinFramework provides developers with a highly sophisticated application skinning framework technology that was developed with Windows Themes (Visual Styles) in mind. Achieving a completely themed application can be accomplished with only a few lines of code. Xtreme SkinFramework provides maximum compatibility with existing Windows XP and higher Visual Styles that can be used on any Windows platform. Several predefined Visual Styles are provided, including Office 2007, Windows XP Royale Blue, and Windows XP Luna style.


TaskPanel Wrapper Template

The TaskPanel provides developers with a sophisticated Office Task Panel similar to what is seen in Microsoft? Office and Windows Explorer. The TaskPanel can even be used as a Visual Studio .NET style tool box. Full ?drag and drop? support makes organizing items in the task panel quick and easy. Many different themes are available including Visual Studio 2005 ?Whidbey?, Office 2003, and Windows XP. Not only can you make your Task Panel look good, but you can change the behavior too. Available behaviors include Windows Explorer, List Box, and Tool Box. With the Task Panel's grouping feature you can easily manage your application shortcuts.